Soft Wool Hoodies

Soft as the hug of your loved ones

World class quality

We hold ourselves to the highest standarts so you would be impressed

"I just received my wool hoodie! It looks beautiful and comfy. It is exactly what I was hoping for! Soon enough it'll be time for wool and I am very grateful to have this piece of clothing. Thank you!"


You will look great

Beautiful hoodies from natural materials like wool, linen and cotton that give you the feeling of comfort

Wool Hoodie


Wool Hoodie


Wool Hoodie


"Thank you, thank you, thank you! I don’t know how I love this hoodie more than the last one, but I do!! It’s so beautiful, somewhat ethereal. I feel like if I wear it on the woods, something magical will happen to me! I hope you are well, and thank you for this beautiful thing."


Only natural materials

No microplastics shed into your skin

The Best way

Synthetic fibers

Synthetic fabrics shed microplastics into your skin and our environment.


Microplastics slowly killing you, poison animals, pollute our soil and water.


Things from natural materials. No plastic is fantastic!

" Hi mate, we have received the hoodies, and love them! Me and my girlfriend are wearing them at the moment (in fact she did not take it off since the post has delivered them earlier today). Stay safe! "


Natural packs

Functional backpacks that will make you look awesome



Petros Bee


Petros Bull